The Three Most Common Ways To Administer A Canine Nutritional Supplement

Just like humans, dogs need a proper balance of vitamins and minerals to help maintain their overall health and proper immune function. A high-grade pet food offers a good start for ensuring optimal health, but many owners are going beyond and providing their furry friend with a nutritional supplement packed with the vitamins and minerals they require. Most supplements come in a variety of forms and have their unique benefits. Here are the three most common, and the various reasons pet owners choose them. Increasing the vitality of a dog is easier than most pet owners think.

Powder Form

This is one of the simplest ways to administer a supplement, as most owners simply sprinkle the supplement directly on their pets food. A small taste may be present, but the majority of dogs don’t notice it, and it is unlikely to have any effect on a pet’s appetite. Some owners will also provide the powder form with treats, especially if a dog has an aversion to eating their food with the supplement mixed in.

Liquid Suspension

A fluid suspension provides the same ease of administration as the powder form but is placed in the pet’s water bowl. This can be a very effective way to administer it to multiple dogs, but it can be hard to determine if a dog has received the recommended dose. Also, any residual left in the water bowl will be discarded when the container is cleaned and refilled. Though not as popular, it is still an option for dogs who do not tolerate other administration methods.


A capsule can be the best way to ensure a pet ingests all of the medication. The problem is that most dogs are not great with swallowing pills. Some can be tricked into consuming them with a favorite treat, while others will just refuse. Be sure to test out additional methods to determine if there is a better way to ensure a furry friend gets the proper dose without causing them stress in the process.

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